February 19, 2011

We wandered over to New Farm in search of some good food. Unfortunately, our first option didn't have space for us. We'll have to remember to book ahead next time.

Slightly disappointed, we headed out to the streets to see what else the area had to offer. We were hungry and Nando's seemed like a viable option.

We ordered a "Two's A Party" platter, which feeds 2-4 people. The platter arrived after a short wait.

So apparently either Australians don't eat very much or Andrew has the appetite of 2-4 Australians. Either way, we had to order a second "Two's A Party" for Andrew.

All in all, the food was alright. Was filling enough, after we got the second platter. And we got to sit out on the patio area and enjoy the sunset and some fresh air without being eaten alive.

In other news, Nathan got his first Australian haircut today.

And Andrew got one too while he was waiting.

1 comment:

choifish said...

I heard Nando's is supposed to be amazing.. I want to come to Australia! xo

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