New Glasses

February 25, 2011

I finally got the call today to pick up my new glasses. After my beloved pair of Chanel glasses mysteriously disappeared during out first week or so here in Australia, I've been wearing contacts and my eyes have been aching. Now, I've got not one but two new pairs to wear. They better not mysteriously disappear as well. My eyes are thankful they can finally breathe again.

Edited to add: Pictures!

Here's the first one.

Here's the second one.


pink said...

OOoooOO!! I wanna see some photos!!

I got a promotion...I'm a MANAGER at IRIS in Oshawa!!!

Bernice said...

Posted those pictures just for you :) Had a feeling you of all people would want to see them... I just wasn't very presentable yesterday. Today was better... by a bit HAH!

P.S. THAT'S AWESOME NEWS! Congrats, Manager! :D

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