Nathan's 5th Birthday

March 27, 2011

Here's a quick recap of Nathan's 5th birthday weekend:

Yesterday, we had breakfast crepes, sweet and savoury.

Nathan opened his gift from Semele, who had spent hours trying to decide what to get him, and had two Skype dates with Andrew's side of the family. Then, our friends invited us over to their beautiful home for dinner and Nathan played Wii all night.

This morning, we Skyped with my side of the family before church and Nathan got to have cake "with" them for breakfast.

After church, we headed to Sunnybank for a dim sum lunch. When we got home, Nathan and Andrew got to work putting together his brand new bike from Andrew's parents. He took it for a spin after all that hard work.

Ben10 bike
When he was done riding, he came back in for some Lego Batman, then a quick birthday treasure hunt to find the present from Andrew and I. I based most of the clues on Nathan's current favourite books and he figured them all out so quickly without having to look at the books. Even the Cat in the Hat clue that I accidentally mixed up.

We convinced Nathan to have a quick dinner before playing with his new Ninjagos.

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choifish said...

Happy birthday again, kiddo! Your smile says it all -- I know you had a great one! xo

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