craving: KFC fries with lotsa ketchup

music: capstone - dreamer of your dreams

thoughts: so today started off with me getting up, for the last time this week, for an early exam. finished with a bad feeling but its over so ic ant' really complain. its upsetting to know that the year is over because there could have been so much more i could have accomplished, for one, studied harder, two, went to fellowship more often. they're actually a bunch of decent people. yea they have to grow sometimes but i dunnoe.. *thinks* maybe for once i feel like i belong somewhere. its hard to understand because i dont' understand myself right now. i'm stuck. i'm in that stupid little hole in the ground again. i feel like i'm getting so lost and falling apart and yet at the same time i feel like everything's coming togehter. its the wierdest feeling but i don't konw how else to describe it. so maybe its the beginning of something new in my life. school is finally out.. the moment i've been waiting so long for and when i finally get here, i want to go back. i have nothign to do i'm so bored and i know i can read and all but i'm too lazy to. i have so much time now to do the things i've been wanting to do but now i forget what they are. i should make a list and make sure i'm done it by the end of the year. i think for sure i need to work out tho. that's the number one thing, one of them. to lose weight or at least that extra fat sitting on various parts of my fat body. ew. but today i think was pretty interesting. spent most of the day at school [how sad, i'm finally out and i sit around at school.. aii] ne way.. ron seems to think that kenny likes me. i think terry thinks the same. he's pretty much hinting at it. i wonder if he's *jealous!* ooh that would be quite interesting to watch. but then i'd be in the middle of it.

at the end of the day i ended up going to ben's house for a 'party' but it was kinda pointless because i was the oldest one there.. i ended up leaving like 30 m inutes later because of some stupid miscommunication. i think i need to stay out more.. *thinks* yes i need a social life. that would be nice =D i have a car now too .. well my dads car but i like it. its niiiice =D i love it. its nice driving people home sometimes, youget a chance to talk to them about things you wouldn't normally talk about. oh well its over. time to sleep. i'll probably try to write more as i get more used to this THING. so wierd. my poor little journal will feel so unloved.. but thank God my parents have been so nice to me and let me go out pretty much whenever i want to and let me take the car too *i love you mommie and daddie* well and j for trying to cover my butt.. thanks.

i think i need a vacation

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