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thoughts: ever wonder why people can get so emotionally attached to material things? been thinking a lot about moving lately and how much i'm going to miss this house. *counts* about.. 16 years? its been a while. i dunnoe, so many memories here, i was brought up here and in a couple of short months, it'll all be history. its so surreal. i cant imagine living anywhere else but here, its always been 'home' and its the only one i've known. i feel like there so much more here that i haven't discovered, places i haven't explored. its not like i live in some castle, its a little house.. its home. but a new house can be an a d v e n t u r e too right? so many things to get used to and stuff.

so today was the 'first day of summer vacation"and the laziness kicked in a bit. moved my room around one last time for old times sake.. just two more months *tears* okay like [/emotional!] sitting at home can get pretty boring 'less i'm doing something. so i'm going to make a 'things to do for the summer' list for myself:

things to do for summer list:
- read 5 books
- learn to cook
- design front yard layout
- pick a color of paint for new room
- get to know people more

so the list'll probably grow over time. but i still have things ineed to decide right now, whether or not i'll be on committee next year for Jeremiah and whether or not i'm going to lead a small group for the summer, i'm really excited if i do. i mean, i have the time and i've been thinking about it for a while too. it'd be nice to get to know some of the kiddies from Jeremiah a bit better. i dunnoe, probably still gotta pray about it. speaking of which, i have to seriously pick up the prayer life. its been sucking, totally going downhill, its retarded. ne way, gotta prepare a BS for tomorrow with sam. gonna be tough thinking


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