craving: to go rollerblading [got new blades!]

music: you are holy (prince of peace)

thoughts: so today was so hot! omg =) but it was nice. went over to Kenny's place with Carol and J =) cleaned it up a bit but then it ended up messy again .. arg. oh well, its all good. so i lead BS today with Sam and i can honestly say i was scared of how it would turn out. i've always looked up to Sam, and he's always led the BS's but today was my turn to do the leading. i was so unprepared but in the end, God lead me and the things just kept coming out of me, out of no where! p r a i s e G o d ! over all, i had a nice day. but i still gotta work on getting those cookies baked! one thing i have to work on: saying things, then DOING them.

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