craving: kfc, strawberry cream cheese on bagel!!

music: how deeply i need you

thoughts: this weekend had the nicestweather. it was so beautiful outside, nice and sunny with a gentle breeze. wow i coulda stayed outside all weekend. cept for the ten minutes where it rained like mad. but the it was nice after that too.. no muggy weather. retreat was so nice, just to spend time with kiddies i haven't ever talked to and to spend some time with my friends. it was nice, just to be able to talk to ray again. and fight for a pillow again =D haha i win! and the 'bee and sarah tickle tagg team!' hehe =) good times. i've come to realize that i unconsciously pass judgement on people, just random people but when i finally get to talk to them for real, or be a part of what they do for a few minutes, its just so eye-opening and its amazing to see how much love and care people actually have for others, life and learning about God. wow =) but today, i slept til lunch time, spent the entire day with my family =) we went to go yum cha, then went to IKEA! =) then to fairview. wow. so much fun shopping at IKEA. its like a maze andwhen you get to the end, you get the stuff that makes your house look pretty, ideas and best of all.. 65cent hotdogs. hahaha =D so i've decided i wanna go to Europe next summer. it'd be such a nice experience, just to go somewhere i've never been myself, or with a few people [i'd prolly be too scared] but then i have to save up money. booo

a guy's thinking:
- one friendship may be predicted by looking at past friendships
- when some guy does something outta the blue, he must be trying to get your attention

... the list will continue

but over all, i think just this weekend, i almost didn't wanna leave. and i feel that a connection was made between all of us, that we were one bit closer to each other. but then i wanted to come back home to build relationships with the friends i have here. i think when i wanted to move, i didn't realize that school and friends and restaurants and coffee cafes wouldnt be 5 minutes away anymore, i'd no longer be able to walk out to meet with people, no long be able to go for morning rollerblades unless i drove first. wow its gonna be a big change. so i wanna make the most of it this summer.. before its too late. ne way, i gotta get some sleep before i have no energy to get up to go down to the states tomorrow =) hehehe

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