mood: semi frustrated, gonna kill blogger for losing my post!

music: our love is loud - david crowder

thoughts: first of all, this is the second i'm i've had to post this today because stupid blogger can't post what i wrote originally and now its GONE. which makes me upset because i'm already frustrated from my allergies which decided to kick in today. working on my second box of tissues isn't making me any happier.. my nose is like pink and my eyes are starting to itch. ahhh i hate allergies. it makes me so mad. so i was supposed to clean my room today, funny how the dust is making the job impossible but that's the one thing i need to do to make my allergies a bit better. *sigh* i've managed to pack half a box, how productive, which only means that my room is still filled with junk that i'm going to have to pack later. the past few days i've spent in the states with family, shopping. needless to say it was relaxing and i spent most of the time sleeping in the car. i've concluded that without something to act as a pillow, the CRV isn't the best vehicle to call a bed. i'd like to blame this crankiness on me missing my daily rollerblading outtings. i've missed like four days of my 'daily morning rollerblading outings' cos of my trip then today cos i was too tired to get up and when i did, it was 8.. ugh, maybe i need some fresh air. that's just what i need. ne way, i have recently developed a fear for guys. not just any guys. its those guys who i don't even know, those perverted ones who 'pst' and whistle at passing girls. as i was walking towards the mall through the parking lot, i heard "pst, pst" but i decided to shrug it off and keep walking. the 'pst'-ing persisted and my sister turned to see what was going on. seeing as she didn't say anything about it, i decided it was nothing and kept walking. a few seconds later, the 'pst' became a 'pst pst, the blue' so i was annoyed and turned to see what the pst-ing was for. i saw four black guys [not being racist, just saying what i saw] walking in my directing with stupid grins.. at that same moment, i realized i was the only one within whispering radius wearing a completely baby blue outfit. after that, i felt a bit worried and all i wanted to do was run away. ugh, i hate being looked at, stared at, whistled at.. i just wanna punch stupid guys out like that. can't they leave girls alone? >< ne way, my rage against machines, namely my computer, is dying. i finally got that cd rom to work and i finally got to try out my md. weee =D hehe.. cept my sister just stole the battery back claiming that she needed it for her camera. fine. be that way!! ne way, there is dust to be sucked up in my room and i dont' wanna sleep till every speck is gone!bye bye dust!

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