eye opener: what am i doing all these things for? vbs, cell group, softball, all that stuff.. what is the reason i'm doing it? is it because someone asked me to? is it because i need exercise? is it because i want to have fun? is it because i want to help peopel grow? whatever the reason may be, if i haven't done it for the glory of God, it means nothing. and i guess that made me think.. am i really doing this for the glory of God? cos if not, then i might as well not do it right.. and how is it that i can go to all those things yet not have time to prepare for my own Bible study? *wave of guilt* it hit me pretty hard when someone reminded me today but i guess it was something i really needed. especially now since its my summer, i need to relax. :) overall my day was pretty unproductive. it takes me 1 hour to take a shelf apart. how sad is that? hehe :)

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