surprise surprise.. bernice has once again done something that can definately be added to the 'dumb things bernice has done' list.. so i was feeling quite ambitious when i got home and i really wanted to use those springform pans i bought when i went down to the states. and remembering that i still haven't used my cousin's YUMMY mocha cheesecake recipe, i decided to try the pans out and the recipe at the same time :) genius. i was pretty worried about screwing up cos she makes it taste so good so i was measuring everything carefully.. little did i know that i left out one package of cream cheese.. the REASON this cake is called 'cheesecake' and i leave it out.. i mean, what kind of GENIUS does it take to know that cheesecake needs CHEESE in it?! well being the smarty i am, i decided to leave it out. yes me, leave cheese out of cheesecake.. okay fine, its not that dramatic.. i put 2 out of the ordered 3 in.. less cheesey. great. :) here's my philosophy: less cheese = less fat.. and i need less fat :)

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