so i learned about life while i was baking my mocha cheesecake yesterday. :) it was wierd. all these questions started coming to me about life/baking.. like connections.. which never happens because when i bake i just think about baking :) ne way, so i was mixing stuff and the thing is, this is a recipe my cousin uses and she makes it so amazing and i was here thinking:

- wow, these instructions really suck. i have no clue what to do. [life: we're lost and sometimes we don't have peopel to spell things out for us, we gotta learn to be independant and try to figure things out.. as Magic School Bus says: we have to 'take chances, make mistakes, get messy' << funny how these things are actually true..]

- standing there mixing everything in, i was thinking.. am i supposed to beat it with a hand mixer or one of those hand beaters << yes there is a difference [life: we have options, sometimes its hard to make a decision that will give the right result]

- i kept questioning whether i was doing everything right whether i was adding the right amount of stuff, whether i was following the instructions right [life: sometimes we will have questions but we wont' find the answers right away: be patient]

- so after mixing everything in i was like 'wow this is like SOUP! crud.. i made soup cake :* ' i was pretty upset that i screwed up, or so i thought [life: things may not always turn out the way you want them to]

- in a bummy mood i went online to ask my cousin if it was supposed to be that way and she said it was supposed to be runny. so i'm like.. 'like soup?' and shes like yes.. [life: hope will come when you least expect it]

in the end, i have learned that the biggest lesson in life is patience, or one of them: you have to be patient in everything.. and you'll never know what might happen..

so i finally got to eat the cake this morning [have to frigerate over night] and kenny came over and had some too.. we both agreed it actually tasted good.. then i had to 'work it off' after ;) lotsa up hills..

there's my life lesson through baking for the day :)

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