spent day with worship team :) bida came and picked me and jay up.. ended up going like three blocks down just to get gas for 1 cent less :) haha.. then went to boston market for a super huge lunch! omg i was like FULL to the max.. then we went to IGA where we stocked up on candies and rani took a whole giant box of freezies :) and it was all under 8 bucks. like HOW GREAT IS THAT .. i kinda felt sorry for the guy. i mean, his store was closing down and finally all these people come. :( its kinda bad. but ne way, we went to markville.. saw the cutest bunnie, puppy and hamster. i think i wanna get them all.. :) bida had this fetish for green clothing today. *wierd* hehe :) but then after we came home, bummed around. finally opened val's bday present for me from way back in feb.. and found out it had a thing coming out of its butt/head << haha and makes it vibrate. haha funny funny. ne way. off to bed

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