sunny day :) team salvation had a outing at centre island. :) georgie convinced me to bring my rollerblades so we bladed there :) tried to play roller frisbee.. :| haha it was great.. then a couple of us [6!!!] went in justin's junk box to CCSA midseason mixer. i said i had no expectations going into it.. convinced myself of that too.. but i guess i expected it to be a 'tc-like' thing.. but i was relieved to find that it wasn't [not that i'm against TC] ne way, i guess the things said today let me think about why I'M playing softball this year.. still thinking on it really.. and wondering how me playing softball is going to glorify God.. ne way, Rani, i'm gonna work on those *taps* :) i'm gonna try to answer. ne way, had a very interesting thing happen with Justin :) so we were infront of etcbc waiting for the mixer to start and i was eating this southwest chicken ceaser from wendy's and it had beans in it.. so i started chanting that 'beans' thing. and there's the other part where you just chant 'beans beans beans..' so i got justin to do that.. so he was lying on the grass, eating the salad [i was full] chanting beans.. but these people were walking towards us and i didn't wanna make a fool out of myself soi just stared at them.. hoping justin would notice. but he didn't.. so he made an idiot out of himself. hahaha :) BEANS!

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