no more of those headings. just straightout thoughts. i'm actually feeling really heavy-hearted right now. i'm not sure why, its like i'm sad but i'm not. i guess this morning just going out and skipping around in the 'mist' [it was raining ever so gently] just made me feel so happy and free. then i went shopping only to make me realize that i really hate shopping malls. i hate how they're so filled with artificiality and material things. but the park is just so.. peaceful and calm and TREES. honestly, some people make me feel so crap and i don't know why i let it get to me. but it does. i just feel like i shouldn't care anymore sometimes. right now i feel 'burdened' with work although its not much. i had actually expected to be doing this stuff this summer but i hadn't expected it to burn me out. i feel like i'm just picking up all the work that no one wants to do.. and kenny, maybe its a good thing for you to hit me everytime i pick up someone's work.. maybe i'll finally learn to say no. ne way, we 'celebrated' my sister's 15th birthday today. wow she's growing up =) hehehe.. but yea somewhere down the line i managed to become all upset about nothing. maybe i just need rest. that's probably what it is.. i still have to see Nemo. =) that'll be my highlight for next week, weee!

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