mood: zoned

thoughts: so many thoughts today.. i'll divide them into .. sections

- finding that lately i'm letting someone down with what i've committed to. and i know that person has been extremely patient with me. i'm so grateful, honestly. i think i'm really gonna have to pick up my slack, and make better decisions. but i'm finding that although i said i'd take on less things so i'd be lessed stressed, i've realized that i've committed myself to a few big things already this summer. and its only the second week of summer and i'm starting to feel burned out already. just always the one to be picking up after people last minute can be tiring and i know that's not an excuse for me to slack off in other places but i've unconsciously made the stupidest decisions..
- i have to learn to say no sometimes..

i had a relatively good day, had coffee and lunch with Sam.. which was nice, just catching up with him and talking about things that are going on.. i guess aside from the stupid mistake i made that i think annoyed someone a lot, it was nice. going to softball.. wow i got a BIG headache in the sun cos it was SO HOT but it was kinda fun. WOW i could HIT today! how COOOOL is that? yea!! but i got a funky kink in my neck and its KEEELING with me.. [maybe that's why i hit so well] hehe but yea, NEVER drive with Ray .. dang he's evil. man, sure the guys are just naturally stupid when they cut people off, stop in the middle of nowhere and BACK UP?!!?! but i mean that last cut off.. whoa that was cutting it CLOSE. but no, i'm not mad at you guys.. just a little annoyed that you guys are so immature.. but what can i do.. [Justin, i know you're gonna be reading this: i'm not a magnet!! THERE!]

last words
so i'm feeling pretty cranky about things right now. i haven't written half of what i had intended to write but i'm not in the mood to sit here so forget it..

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