since i'm running low on energy [and i wanna be so i can sleep without being interrupted *stares at ray*] i'm gonna keep this blog pretty simple and as short as possible so i can take a shower :) hehe so here it goes:

vbs today and yesterday
wells.. first two days.. surprised i'm not that tired :) cept in the morning from accidentally taking sear seriously and waking him up at 5.30. so sorry! haha :) but at least i went back to sleep a bit after :) the kids were generally 'good' cept i guess i gotta.. adapt to my group a bit? two kids know everything that's going on .. one of them always wants to be two steps ahead of everyone - literally.. the kid's always running ahead and stuff and drags her friend with her.. but other than that, the second day was an improvement cos they're getting into this whole camp business and they're feeling more comfortable :) the guys are getting their voices back [haha yesterday i thought they were all mute.. they'd just stare at me. :)] the other girls are getting better too.. cept i've been getting these weird questions like: do you have a boyfriend? [*sigh*...] i'd rather have hard questions like chris' group: how do you know if God's talking to you? at least that way i'd feel like i was in the right camp :| oh well ne way, after Ray and Fiona's group DITCHED me at church leaving me to realize they were all gone then a few hours later call to tell me 'oh, you can still join us, we didn't see you so we forgot you'.. gee thanks. yea? well i had something better! i had dinner with Rani and Andy [geez!! in my head i keep saying Randy and Annie.. AHHHH] and BOY was it interesting...

so i guess somehow we ended up at Pickle Barrel :) and we had to wait so long to be seated cos it was packed for some reason [we figured out why later on :)] and when we were finally seated. :) our lovely host.. *laughs* eventually 'sneaks' over to serve us.. actually she kinda ordered us to serve ourselves.. haha :) then it took a while for dinner to come so she gave us water.. and "coleslaw".. haha it was the sourest pile of cut up veggies in the world.. oh man.. so i made a pac-man.. then i guess.. after an hour? dinner finally came *yum* cept she had to check Andy's order again.. haha [how come it seemed like i had so much more to say in my head?] ne way, got around to talking about a lotta interesting things :) found out Andy can't really.. y'know.. keep things a secret :) and the whole 'kenny' thing came up.. gee that one took a while to get out huh? haha.. ATTENTION EVERYONE: there is NOTHING going on between us!! yeesh! now dont' anyone dare to ask me again! yea.. so we left about two? three? hours later.. kinda really exhausted from .. just dinner :) haha.. it was great. oh thanks for dinner andy hahaha :)

another long day tomorrow...

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