so to follow up the blog from a while ago about my doctor's appointment. so i went back today cos i had to get something for my allergies and i decided to ask him about the blood test.. so apparently my urate(sp?) acid is a little high? and although its not totally diet related, he named all these foods that i don't eat that could cause it.. so i'm a little puzzled. then i asked him about that bump thing on my leg. he said its just a blood clot and it'll go away eventually *phew* and i prolly damaged some nerves blah blah.. and its numb cos of the pressure or wahtever on my nerves?? so i can't feel much and i should 'apply heat' to increase circulation.. how exactly do i do that? but ne way, he said everything else was fine, cholesterol was 'excellent' and fat was 'good' haha i was gonna laugh.. oh dear.

oh and as i was leaving i somehow inherited a bag of clodhoppers :) wow. and sear bought me some too cos i made him.. haha then i *somehow* found out who the bag of clodhoppers actually belonged to! o_O haha thanks andy :)

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