so the funniest thing i saw today was when we were sitting on college street.. i guess outside the ut campus.. we see a group of adults, 7 of them, and they're y'know.. adult sized people.. tall and stuff. and they decide they need a taxi so this taxi dude driving a station wagon pulls over and they ask where to get the other taxi guy to meet up with them at sky dome cos they're going for the game. but the driver tells them that they don't need to do that cos he'll take them all.. and so five of them pile into the remaining four seats.. and two of them climb into the trunk.. so my cousin decides to take pictures. and the people are all happy and stuff and start waving for the camera. and after they leave, my cousin's like.. we can report them now! i have the license plate number and the taxi number! but we never ended up doing it. but i thought it was pretty funny to see two grown men climbing into the trunk of a station wagon.. the car, needless to say, sunk a few inches..

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