so the original plan for today was to get up at 6.30 and head out by 7.30 to hang out, wandering downtown. silly me decided to turn off my alarm thinking i'd be able to get up after another two minute rest.. i ended up going back to sleep til 8.30. way to go me. ne way, we all got ready and headed out.. ended up missing one bus to finch but who cares. then we got off a bloor, walked down yonge [again] to front street.. tried to look for a pen which didn't work so we went down to harbourfront.. and then we just kinda wandered around front street, ended up eating lunch at golden griddle after walking to st. lawrence market cos mu cousin wanted to go there.. then walked down queens quay.. realized the distillery was 'right there' so we went to walk around there.. then we realized we forgot to take a picture of that stupid triangular building.. so we walked ALL the way just for that stuipd thing even though it was a stupid picture cos the trees were in the way.. then we.. let's see.. walked up church, across queen street and decided somehow to walk all the way to bloor for ice cream [at greg's] ordered 1/2 liter of roasted marshmellow.. which was so disgusting [it was good last time i had it.. :(] then.. walked through the ut campus then back to spadina and dundas for dinner with my aunt..

ahh hehe we had such a great time taking pictures of the wierdest things and signs. haha [stop eating animals] .. our legs were shot after and we ate so much stuff.. but it was good anyway :) hehe but i'm tired and i'm supposed to go out again tomorrow.. ahhhh!! i'm gonna go crazy.

tomorrow's house inspection. i can't believe i'm movin in like two days. AHHHH I'M MOVING IN TWO DAYS!! i'm not ready! i'm not ready!!!

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