so the time has come.. the moment i have been waiting for :) its here and its happening. weee. and my cousins are over. haha. so we went over to sear's to watch a movie [matt was there too.. the more the merrier :)] so ne way, we watched CHICAGO and can i say it was.. long? haha it wasn't actually that bad. i liked how it was done and all but it got a bit repetitive at times. but that's okay. ne way, it was wierd cos on the way there i was like 'whoohoo i have a full tank of gas. this is great!' then once i get into the driveway when i get home, the thing says its empty and the light comes on!! what's going on! that's so freaky. so we all get outta the car and make a bee-line [haha] for the house. but my cousin's convinced its nothing and she's trying to convince me the same thing. cept i was joking about 'yea then the car blows up...' and now i'm afraid to go start the car.. cos i forgot my jacket at sear's and i was gonna go get it.. okay this is starting to sound stupid. maybe i'm just tired.. cos i went to sleep at like 12.. then woke up at 3 then couldnt' sleep again.. bah! so i'm running on like three hours of sleep.. ahhh..

ne way, went timbitting with georgie, jenn and vida .. stinky left for lalaland..
the funniest thing i heard my cousin say today: "oh crap, my gum just fell outta my mouth" << hahaha..

okay, the four of us are having a meeting about tomorrow so i'll blog about tomorrow.. well.. tomorrow :)

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