so i've been a lil behind on my blogging cos of my lack of computer access.. sooo let's see..

i went down with rani, andy, wellesley and jay to do more vbs decoration :) haha. we finally finished all the murals and all that so we went out for lunch at some hk cafe.. and i had some interesting dish :) taro with chicken?? haha.. ne way, i couldnt' finish cos the portions were like super huge [i wonder why the hk people are still so small.. *hmm*] ne way, we went back and i was gonna start working on my own stuff for my classroom and jenn was supposed to bring it over for me but in the middle of that, i started helping sarah with her huge mummy which was so fun to paint :) and jenn was working on the pond ray was supposed to do. ne way, the power went out at 4.. everyone knows that.. so me and sarah moved our mummy closer to the emergancy lights so we could see it better :) haha we're such nerds. ne way, we kept drawing/painting and andy kept saying the lights were going to go out and i was so determined to finish so i kept painting.. then the lights went out. booo.. but no worries cos i had a jeremiah committee meeting to go to ne way :) we basically reflected on the past year and talked about next year and stuff. i'm excited about the councellors.. and i still have to decide whether or not i wanna be on committee [yea.. i guess i haven't finalized my decision yet but its leaning towards the 'no' side] ne way, after our meeting a bunch of them went out and got food and candles :) so we ate a semi-candle lit dinner.. haha :) then we split up where me, jay and sarah ended up at ann and ken's place.

haha :) it was great. for the first 30 minutes? we were searching for the maglight. :) we thought of every possible place and we finally found it.. next, we had to finsh their ice cream before it totally became mush. it was alright yummy.. no complaints. then we went through ann's wardrobe to find clothes we could sleep in and we each took a shower. oh man. i was the only one who was SMART enough to wash my hair outta the three of us. :) haha it was the most freezing cold shower i have ever taken in my life!! but it was kinda exhilerating :) then we went through ken's old yearbooks. oh man.. the 1992?3? picture was the most hilarious.. he was the biggest nerd with the nerdiest glasses.. hahahahahahaha. yea then we ended up sleeping kinda after watching the downtown road a bit more :) it was so cool to see downtown at night from above. hehe people were taking pictures and everything.

so ann had to go to work which left the four of us. so we decided that instead of staying at home doing nothing. we'd go on an adventure :) so mission number one was to find somewhere to eat :) timmy's was outta the question cos all of them were jam packed with lines going out the doors and windows ;) so we ended up eating at pickle barrel which filled us completely :) no need for street dogs this time. when we got home, sarah's dad called to tell her to bus home.. so she left.. and the rest of us wandered the downtown streets :) hehe. i realized i could learn so much from ken just talking to him. it was wierd. its not like he's trying to teach us ne thing. its just that the stuff he talks about .. it s wierd. and he knows so many people off the streets we would just randomly stop and he's talk to them for a bit and we'd carry on :) we ended up wandering to Bay and Queen where my parents called me and asked if we were gonna come home. then after a while we decided that we'd bus like sarah cept on the way home we took a detour through Toys R Us.. haha :) its huuuuge! yea then we went back to their place, got jay's stuff and began our 'journey' home. haha :) cept it didn't happen the way we planned on it happening. me and jay decided to take 'a walk to remember' we walked from college [or dundas if you count our walk from before] to lawrence where jay finally decided she was tired and wanted to bus. if you think we were insane, it wasn't really that bad. it only took 2 hours and we took 5 minute breaks in between places. it was a nice walk :) hehe i would do it again :) maybe in the fall so we can take nice pictures. ahh i'd so do it again. but yea, the buses were completely packed/out of service which is why we walked.. why waste time standing when you could be on the way home? at finch, my parents met us there and we got a ride home :) where we had POWAH!! yea yea yea! so i came on the computer.. then i took a shower and went to take a nap which ended up being my sleep til this morning around 9.30 :) hehe.. weeeeee but while i was on the computer i chatted with some people about their blackout adventures :) hehe it was the greatest.. i think the most thankful person would have to be Andy for having his exam cancelled.. haha congrats :)

today my parents are going downtown for fellowship so i'm gonna go down with them to do more vbs stuff :) hehe i'm gonna go insane!!

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