so somehow i clicked something and the message i wrote about wonderland changed from me posting it yesterday to me posting it today.. stupid blogger. ne way, so i was going to go to sleep.. at least sit in bed.. and i saw my vbs folder so i was gonna look over it.. i went, turned off my light, took off my glasses and realized i couldn't read.. *sigh* so i wanted to sleep .. cept jay came in and turned on my light and started pestering me. now i can't sleep.. so i was clicking around blogger reading other people's things and whatever and i ended up on andy chow's page.. so i was looking on the side where he has all his info haha. and i saw his birthday. here's what i thought:

"1983 eh? wow i'm born 1986 so he's three years older than me.. so he's 18.. really? wow he's only 18?? *looks at 'age: 20'* WHAT?! oh.. right. i'm not 15.. i'm 17. gotcha... *laughs to self* i gotta tell someone.. maybe i'll tell him since it was his page *looks for gb* darn.. no gb.. maybe i'll message him.. naw that's too wierd.. georgie? ahh forget it.. i'll just blog it.. "

now, for sure i'm off to sleep.. or at least going to try to.

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