so today i was too tired to get up for my 'morning thing' its been slacking quite a bit lately.. but its okay, i'm getting a bit more rest which is really good for me right now. umm.. so i got up finally at around 9 and took a shower then went down for my meeting.. which ended up lasting from 11-3 [we went for lunch in between] but it was really productive cos we finished planning all our lessons [weeee!!!] but now i have to get people to help me finish painting [which i realized last night before i went to sleep that we have two more panels to do that i haven't drawn up yet.. ] and i gotta think of some spiffy way i can decorate my classroom..

ne way, here's my rant against the ttc:
i dont' understand why only the students of toronto can get student tickets. its so dumb cos now i have to pay adult fare when i'm just a student! they're stealing money from us! its not like york region transportation system requires students to have a 'YRT student card' cos there's no such thing! but the stupid ttc invented the stupid 'ttc student card' which only toronto students can get!! >< toronto is the dumbest place to live.. *sigh* even hong kong lets me buy the student card and pay student fare and i'm not even from that country!! and here i am from the next CITY and i can't even get a student card from ttc. i hate ttc.. i hate it so much i want to boycott it.. but just as luck would have it.. i have to be downtown for the next two weeks *sigh*..

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