there is so much for me to post here and i'm so excited about writing it so i'm prolly gonna miss something and its gonna take me forever to write but i'm so determined to do it and georgie said she would too so we'll have two views of the same two days :) hehe so let's start with saturday cos it comes before sunday..

salvation's last games.. hah it was good. the last inning of our season, georgie took my spot as rover and caught two balls. good thing i wasn't there.. haha now i have to learn to be an all star like the lil giant. hehe what can i say? then after, georgie came over to sleepover so we could go to wonderland together the next day :) hehe pure madness.. playing around with people's heads and all.. some people have to learn to chill out sometimes .. yeesh! hehe :) but it was fun and jay made cookies yummie. but me and georgie were supposed to watch them when jay took a shower but we got carried away talking to people so some of them turned out a bit.. burnt.. heh. oopsie. yea then after a while we got tired so we went to sleep after trying to figure out whether to bring/wear our swim suit. and.. sending andy that wierdo message. hehe. we checked a million times and tried to weigh out the odds. haha

got up at 7 again to go rollerblading. its been a while since i went. i think i haven't been out on those blades ever since i pok-ed and got that bruise. so it was wierd but really 'pleasant' to be out again. and the weather was nice and stuff.. but our.. 'meeting' or 'fellowship time' or wahtever you wanna call it was quite wierd.. in my opinion at least.. it just came to a screeching hault and we just left. what up with that?? so i came home and i got ready to go to wonderland. my friend picked us up and we got there earlier than everyone else so we had to sit there and wait.
then finally we had everybuddie* and we went around :) hehe it was basically a fun day.. cept it started to pour like crazy :) hehe who picked today? when we got there, we had to go through security cos of whatever and it was so funny cos sear had all this stuff me and georgie stuffed in there and he had no clue what we had.. haha the guy just looked at him. ne way, we saw this guy jesse i met one time and georgie says looks familiar from softball or something and throughout the whole day, we kept seeing him at random places so we said he was stalking us.. but he wasn't really.. but it was still funny how he was always there.. ne way, so we went on dragon fire, drop zone, the bat, the sponge bob 3D thing, white water canyon, top gun, the fury? and whatever. so after we went on white water canyon, we had decided to eat and it was right after georgie changed into her bathing suit. good thing!! cos it started to pour like mad and everyone was getting soaked.. okay i was getting soaked along with some other people and other people ran for cover. hehe :) and me and georgie couldn't fine anywhere to stand so we took sear's dinky lil umbrella [which got me soaked ne way] and we wandered around kidsville looking for a better place to stand for cover.. had no luck so we decided to make a game outta it.. we always have to make a game**.. so this time we decided to pick leaves off a tree and race them [the place was like flooded and there was a river] so for the first one i won cos i found the current. the second one i lost cos i picked a bit fat leaf. but people were watching and cheering our leaves on .. it was quite funny then after we wandered around.. we went to the arcade thinking it was going to rain again and georgie went back to play her game after getting the high score on one of the machines. then this guy comes along and challenges her to a game.. she OWNS him three times and he tries to come back a fourth time but the machine ate his coin so he left.. haha yay georgie! ooh yea.. we had a funnel cake.. ooh it was goooood.. cept they saw the people put the lard in and watched it melt. how gross is that?? ne way, ate the yummy thing and somehow we convinced andy, wellesley and matthew to go on that extreme sky flyer.. haha oh man it was amazing. they're my hero! whoo .. the guts it must take man. then after we went to top gun which i think is going to be my all time favourite :) hehe. cos its so great!! the guy from the arcade was there and saw georgie and told his friends she was the girl that owned him three times :) haha yea i tried to make some wierd faces with matthew but it didn't quite work cos its really hard to make taht funny face when your finger can't reach the corner of your eye all the time [bumpy man! and i dint'wanna poke my eyes out!] so my picture turned out super messed up. what was even more messed up was that we went on the fury after and while we were on it, it started to rain, by the time it ended, it started to pour but we couldnt 'get out cos we have to get off one section at a time. as luck would have it, my section was last and here we are in these seats taht are like buckets, collecting rain water. haha.. had to ring my clothes out after as we stood under the carosel ride for cover from the rain. after, we decided it was time to go home. so we did.. andy drove us to my house then i drove sear home and matt and fiona went home with their parents. leaveing georgie again :) hehe.. we figured out over dinner that i was starting to talk like her [its the greatest!! no! we have to be individuals! haha] and i'm gonna be a lil georgie.. oh great. and i made some connection to us being shu-lings.. y'know.. like ducklings? shuling? okay fine. whatever :) haha.. but that's just about all that happened today :) my wonderland story.

*georgina, jaynelle, sear, matthew y, matthew, andy, rani, sun ching, wellesley, katy, fiona, lilia(sp?), bernice
- ping-pong toss [into the lil tippy box thing] at vida's house
- pile-on toss [onto the broom] at WR
- pebble toss [through the softball fence without it going 'ping'] at softball
- leaf racing [down the river] at wonderland

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