i finally got another 'professional opinion' on the 'condition of my knees' since my elbow started hurting more frequently this week. and incase you were wondering and thinking that elbows and knees aren't connected, well apparently every joint in my body is closely connected and pain goes from one spot to another. they take turns really. ne way, so i went and the doctor responded by attaching this thing to my knees and electrocuting them [i'm assuming] cos the two spots where the thing was attached to my knees were burning and it felt wierd. then after maybe 10-15 minutes of this electrocution, he comes back and proceeds to stab me with this metal thing claiming its 'laser' and that he's going to 'fix my knees' .. uhh.. ne way, he told me to go back tomorrow [this better work!] for more therapy [hah! is that what they call that??] and that i'd have to get an x-ray for my elbow. great. i feel like i'm 50 and my body is falling apart.

i have concluded that me, liquids and pants/shorts do not go together. in the past two weeks, i have
- spilled sprite on my orange pants
- let some fruity carbonated drink spray all over me while i soaked up the puddle it created with my butt
- changed into shorts after the puddle experience which has its own stories
- in the end realized i was wearing the shorts backwards
- managed to squirt ketchup on my orange pants
- dropped more ketchup on my pants today..

maybe my relationship with ketchup is getting too tight. in the past two days, i've used, on average, 8 packs a day. HAHAHA it sounds like i'm smoking. well i'm not. cos i'm ketchuping. so there! ooh.. my work calls to me.. he's saying nasty things.. *sigh*

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