i'm baaack! and i'm not sick! three days in a row guys! this hasn't happened since the beginning of school. but i guess that means i'm not allergic to school.. darnit.

the only part about school that sucks now is that my marks are ground-plummeting [is that the opposite of sky-rocketing? hmm] which kinda really sucks cos i was trying so hard. maybe i'm trying too hard. pretending to be a nerd really sucks sometimes. how do people do it so well? studying sucks when my brain fills up so quickly and there's still so much more to understand.

quick highlight before i go back to studying:
- me, jenn, jay and georgie went out to celebrate jen and georgie's 18ths..
- ended up going to swiss chalet cos jenns' never been there..
- went to FMP:
- stood outside in the freezing cold staring at the moon [lunar eclipse man!] and made people look up! haha waiting quite a while convinced that we'd be able to see some kinda change cos 'its almost done!' haha
- finally went in for bbtea and played president. haha bday girls were bums! < that's okay!
- went home.. conclusion: me and concrete are not friends.

-the end-

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