I wanted to go out and play in the snow today after my exam. I was supposed to play with Georgie in the big field, and run around and make snow angels and all that :) but it was blizzarding [i finally learned what it meant i think: wind blowing lotsa snow around!] so I ended up staying in my room reading and playing guitar and fighting with my computer. And I finally decided to let a bitta the outside in: I opened my window :D but then not only did the fresh, cold air rush in [it was nice], the snow blew in too [that was nicer]. It was so EXHILARATING! ooh it was fun and a 'natural high' moment until I realized that all the pretty snow would melt inside and that it would probably be very smart if i closed the window before too much blew in. *smiles* such a little thing but it got be so happy. Being cooped up in my room makes me go crazy a little bit sometimes. But I think these past two exam weeks have been very productive for me. I resorted to cleaning everything and shovelling snow to destress.

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