okay! so i just realized it was feb. already. does that make me slow? well of course not! i'm just too occupied with other things to be bothered to realize ITS ALMOST MY BIRTHDAY! weee oh well. no biggie. i'm very thankful for being able to switch outta my calc class today. finally! i have a spare. now i'll have nothing to do all by myself :( but maybe i have hope now. i've come to realize that i don't like sharing with people as much as i used to. maybe its because if i DO share with them, they'll realize that i'm a very bitter person and i don't want them to realize that [cos i'm in denial i think]. but if i opened up to people more often, maybe i wouldn't be so bitter in the first place. arg. cruel, vicious cycles of life. its always people venting to me and not the other way around. omg. but don't get me started on some crazy rant cos the bitterness will flow.. more like.. a monsoon. ne way, next destressing tool: baking cookies for WINTER RETREAT w00t!

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