i've been meaning to put in a birthday post to express my gratitude towards everyone who made it so special. *ack* i sound like i'm trying too hard. so let's just keep this simple:
- thanks for the chicken wings
- thanks for the SUPPLIES!
- thanks for the long trek to the great white north
- thanks for the sleepover
- thanks for puffy.

but sadly.. puffy isn't puffy no more [i named my helium balloon puffy okay. i've never had one before! its soo cool! i tied him to my bed so he doesn't fly away from me but he looks so sad. like he wants to be free and fly away. :( sadly, puffy is becoming saggy. and my bed now looks like a hospital bed more than ever. yay.

i'm so drained physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, environmentally and socially. [okay maybe not quite environmentally but i'm studying for exercise sci :)] MADNESS IS SETTING IN!.

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