i will dedicate this blog to the Mooks :) the ones who i've been hanging out with so much lately i'm almost sick of them :) heh. it all started when i begged Cath to join their club. but in reality, she really wanted me to be in it. or else it'd be all boring and stuff right? haha. then we revived the Mooks Janitor I guess. it was really wierd cos i thought when she said "yea he never says anything" that he actually never said anything. so i was really amazed everytime he opened his mouth and SOUND came out hah. ne way, mooks events just keep coming and today was interesting when everyone got all frustrated but we all came out ne way.

"shows that we all really wanna be here" - Mooks VP

hahaha :) thanks so much for driving all the way just to pick me up from scarlem! haha.. and Mooks i forgive you for making all those RUDE jokes about me and boys. i resent that but i'm okay now. we can be friends again hahahahah! i know life wouldn't be the same without me and summer's gonna suck cos our ANTI-HK coalition is doing NOTHING! great job CEO. hahah. wells back to work now..

i'm so screwed.. for university stuff that's due monday and i haven't even started writing them. omg i'm not getting in anywhere :( they're gonna be late that's for sure. and all this homework i have to catch up on cos of New York. i'll post more about TC later on tonight maybe. if not, soon.

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