New York Lesson#1
i don't think i'm going to go into detail too much about how my trip went because over all, it wasn't as enjoyable as i wanted it to be like i've said over and over again. But i've been thinking and there are lessons to be learned.. for me that is.

1. Avoiding problems: doesn't work
i've learned that there is no such thing as 'getting away from your problems' because honestly, i thought i'd get maybe a little break from the stuff that was going on here.. and that i'd be able to relax a bit. but no, there was very little relaxation, lotsa stress actually. and when i came back, things were worse than before [esp. school]

2. Its worth
was the trip worth my week and $510? probably not. my week coulda been used better and i could actually be understanding the stuff going on in class right now [calc that is.. ] some of the things were okay, if the teachers didn't screw everything up, it'd probably be better..

So note to all you people out there. If you're planning to go on a school sanctioned trip, watch out. If your teachers dont' seem prepared at all before the trip [like mine were] take a hint. They're never gonna be organized and everything's going to get messed up. All the scheduling will be off so just throw those in the garbage and bring extra money because chances are, your bus will never be where its supposed to be and the teachers will BRILLIANTLY come up with the idea to take the subway/train. Bring more money because these smart teachers of yours will also bring you to places [ie. financial district] where there will be no places to eat except for the ones that cost you a fortune. And be prepared for your "3 hours of free time" to be cut down to ".5 hours of free time" because that's the way these brilliant teachers think.

On another note, I think my current source of bitterness is calculus. The "student teacher" or whatever she's supposed to be, makes the worst notes and prolly cos she's all PhD physics, astronamy major or whatever, she thinks the whole world thinks on her level. WRONG!

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