some jokes just aren't very funny...
*sigh* don't even know where to begin. it's always been this way. excuses are always the same: because you're fun, you're easy to poke fun at, you can take it. well not anymore. what's the point of me pretending to be able to take it so i don't hurt THEIR feelings when all they're doing is hurting mine? i KNOW its all jokes and stuff but after a while, it really makes me stop and think if there's ever gonna be a time where i'm not the butt of everyone's joke. i don't really wanna say anything else b/c i know i'm gonna sound bitter and i'm gonna start ranting about things. this HAS made me into a bitter person and years and years of this being bottled up really makes a person mean.. i know i'm mean cos that's my only defense against these people.. *sigh* then i just go home and break down. really destroys my trust in people.. really makes me think twice about saying anything to anyone.. really makes me wonder who really cares sometimes.

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