.future tennis superstar.
so after eating a bag of those yummy chocolate 'minieggs', a smartie bar and a huge bowl of cookies and cream ice cream yummy! i decided maybe it was time for me to work some of that fats off. and since catherine's been so excited to go play tennis this week. why not cut her wait time down and go today instead! [no homework yay!] what can i say, i'm a natural at hitting the ball. :) i just gotta learn to aim towards my opponent. ah well nothing major hah! i'm starting to feel a little bit more healthy! one step at a time. the thing about tennis though is that i thought i had to hit the ball a lot harder than i really have to. needless to say, i came out, 6 points ahead of catherine. :) deal was that i'd get 2 points for everytime i hit the ball outta the "cage". but i'm not so scared of balls anymore! mmm. and for all this hard work, i'll reward myself with .. ICE CREAM!!!! yay!.

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