stuck in spin
Someone get me outta this vicious cycle. i don't wanna be in school anymore. It's so nice outside and all I can think about is playing tennis and doing things unrelated to school. ARG. I hate calculus with a passion. Its the worst thing that has happened to me this year and its ruining my future. No matter how hard I try, no matter how long I look at the question, think about the question, try to SOLVE the question, I'm always wrong. Its so depressing and honestly, I can only take so much of it. Why try so hard if you're only gonna fail in the end? I hardly think its worth it. Wasting all my time and energy and whatever's left of my hope. Hah. I actually think there's still hope. How stupid do I have to be? And to think its only going to get worse next year. Someone get me outta here. SAVE ME! Someone tell me why all the "important things" in life [ie. math] are so hard for me to do. This is an outrage.

Prom is over-rated. Don't wanna go anymore cos its so stressful. Hardly think its worth all the stress for ONE night. boo.

Allergies SUCK. How am I supposed to pay attention in class when my eyes can't SEE anything, my nose is running and I feel drowsy. If someone has come up with some fool-proof way to stay focused in school even with allergies. Please TELL ME! [don't say pills, they don't work]

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