this can't be it
"there's gotta be more to life, than chasing around every temporary high" - stacie orrico

With people constantly asking about 'university news' and the way things are going for me at home and church, I've started to 'give up'. There's no point in trying harder in school anymore, not because I think my future is set and I don't need to do anymore work, but because no matter how hard I try, no matter how much effort I put into things, I always end up failing. Its so discouraging.

Today we had "international night" at school. It was supposed to be performances from different cultures. A place where people can be really proud of where they come from and learn more about others. I never realized that I went to school with such rude people. I know people like to express their feelings and cheer on what they love, but its also very rude to mock other people's cultures, their performances, the things they love so much. As much as the school would have liked this to be an 'educational' experience, I hope that those people will grow up and realize how much they're hurting others. ... and they wonder why the world is going down...

I can't believe high school is almost over for me. A few more weeks and I'm homefree. Somehow it doesn't feel right. Time passes too quickly. What have I don't with my life?!

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