Hello Summer
last night:
Ooh it was so fun cooking dinner for Miko's surprise Bon Voyage party. All our "accidents" nicely documented candidly by the quiet little ms. lin :) Who knew we'd be such "Food Network" material.. NOT haha "catch the fat!!" I'm pretty proud of my nice little fruit tarts. Those will go on the top of my "to make for people" list. And as if playing a few rounds of spoons wasn't enough, what better way to bring us back to childhood than a full out game of "PILLOW FIGHT" haha teams and everything. The red pillows vs the purple pillows. More like CTF meets pillow fights.. mixed in with a little bitta wrestling featuring mr. wu! haha *body slam/chris sandwich* hahaha good times. I bet Miko's really gonna remember us while he's in China. Bon Voyage!

another sign that my summer has begun: got up at 1.00 which was REALLY bad because we had a game today against The Way at Warden Park. We were late which meant NO BATTING.. not entirely bad for me cos i ended up sitting out the entire game to scorekeep to prevent potential asthma attacks [last night's excitement was too much for these little lungs] such a close game, there's nothing like screaming your lungs out to cheer people on and to call out the line-up. its all about sacrificing your body for the team! haha :) it was so fun, it didn't matter that we lost [only by 1]

after, picked up my cousin for bbq at our place. i smell all bbq-y now but that's okay cos i've learned a new way of cooking.. "BUUUUUURN!" hehe. good times.

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