some people just need someone to talk to
Got up bright and early this morning to pick up Chris and get to Langstaff where we waited in line for our destiny.. hah. more like doom. Took a lot less time than I thought it would and in my groggy morning state, ran a "red".. More like one of those "left turn signals" on Hwy 7 but I guess that still counts. Someone stop me, I'm dangerous. Later on, in attempts to make my day a little bit more productive, I went to get a doctor's note for res. Well, my doctor was on vacation in HK so I ended up going to my allergist. This man talked for 1.5hours o_O which was really bad for my dad who sat there waiting for me. Talk about test of patience. [hehe test of patients... get it?] He had a lotta stuff to say about my allergies. Lotsa things to say about university and he said "UofT tests have shown that people with allergies are more intelligent" well gee, then you can call me Einstein =D Ne way, now I'm not allowed to eat any melons and apparently strawberries just got added to my list of "to stop eating"s.. and my collection of prescription drugs just keep growing bigger and bigger. *sigh* talk about special case. They did a new thing to me this time though.. before they used a method called "scratch test" which means they scratch 10 lines on me, leaving me with scars that made me look suicidal. Now, they use a new "better" method called "prick test" [learned these names today!!] which leaves me with 50 dots that make me look like a druggie O_O impressive progress in the medical field HUH.
Someone gimme something to do. I feel so unproductive!!!

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