B. I. index: high

1. Crappy teachers
UGH! I can't much more of this schooling business. Teachers are so irritating sometimes and they keep failing to realize how BAD they are. Maybe if mr. k would take his head out of the clouds he'd see that his teaching style really sucks. I mean, why is it that he gets paid to stand there and insult our intelligence day in and day out, telling us that we make careless mistakes when all the examples HE ever puts on the board take an hour because he can't figure out how to do it right. MAYBE if he took a bit of time BEFORE the lesson to find GOOD examples and work them out before hand, we wouldn't have to waste so much time sitting there staring into space. Oh but of course, he blames US because HE did something wrong.. Yes of course, he's a "great teacher" and all the "arithmetic" we constantly make "careless mistakes" on is "other teachers' faults".. GET OVER YOURSELF! Maybe if he took less time complimenting himself and actually learning to material to teach us, the class drop-out rate wouldn't be so high. The rest of the people left in class actually NEED the mark for university and all he's saying is "if you don't want to be here, leave, I don't care". Well yes, its very evident that you don't care about ANYTHING other than yourself. Maybe that's why you're so irritating. Teachers who don't care about their students shouldn't be teachers at all. Because what's the point, you're just saying things over and over, working with a bunch of idiots who don't know anything. Heck you could be spending your time doing something productive that you DO care about. *insert angry face here*

2. Driving
Let's face it, when we first start driving, its almost the greatest thing that's ever happened to us. All we want to do is go out and drive around with our friends. Well, there's another point in this driving experience. Let's call it the "I hate driving phase". And this point comes around the same time as many incidences ie:
- when other drivers who can drive other people home ON THE WAY to where they're going are too lazy to and would rather force this responsibility on to YOU who has to go OUT OF THE WAY to drive these people home. but "they're your friends so its okay"..

- when people find out you're driving and decide "oh I want to tag along, just ask for a ride and I won't have to [go with my parent/not go]
- etc
I've come to hate driving and having to taxi everyone around, with very few exceptions. Sure, its okay once in a while and for MOST of the people who don't know how to drive, I don't mind. But honestly, don't you ever feel guilty for ALWAYS asking for rides, for ALWAYS pushing things on to your friend [and you call yourself a friend?!] Ugh sometimes I wish I didn't have a driver's licence. I realized the other day how nice it was to take the TTC. Maybe after a while it gets bad but I really enjoyed being able to read while I'm traveling to my destination. Its so much nicer being able to do that by myself than to pay attention to the road and forcing myself to focus on something I don't wanna focus on..It's nice to be able to do something productive en route.

And this concludes my ranting session for today. I'm a bit [okay a lot] on the bitter side today and just needed to clear my head a bit. Napping doesn't work for me anymore. If anything, I feel worse. If anyone reads this: don't take it personally, I'm just kinda upset and those things just came to mind. Not intended to "get a message" across to anyone in particular.

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