Summer learning
benefits of being in class in the summer
1. saves money [i guess, less going out on weekdays, MORE on weekends]
2. keeps your brain from becoming mush [which is true, i feel productive somewhat]
3. satisfaction of knowing you're not the only one bored this summer [just look around the class]
4. improve writing skills [i've noticed with each note i write, my writing looks better! haha]
5. improves imagination [while thinking of new and different things to doodle]
6. really makes you appreciate the weekends
7. makes you appreciate the company on weekends even MORE
[ooh i'm really liking the new blog style, no more html for me!]
looking forward to:
- softball double-header again on sunday!
- Truffles on Wed
NOT looking forward to:
- test tomorrow
- "big" test monday

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