mini rant:
whatever happened to the times when people said what they meant and carried through?

whatever happened to the times when a person`s word was worth as much as a promise?

not saying there aren`t times where i`m probably like this but lately i`m so sick of people going back on their word, being so irresponsible and disrespectful to others and so un-dependable. and most of all.. wasting everyone else`s time.

- - - - - - - - - -
Went to Wonderland again today. The weather wasn't as nice as I had hoped it would be [the weather forecast called for sun.. there was no sun!! stupid overcast skies]. Let's just say the experience cost me a few less dollars thanks to my two buddies who work there [hehe]. Thanks for letting me go play in Scooby Doo's Haunted Mansion although [I swear it was] my gun was broken and it didn't record any of the shots I made!!! ty for the free parking, chicken "fingers", nestea, spongebob popsicle [even though it tasted SO bad]. tyem for the spongebob, game of myl, good company and money-saving tactics ;) hehe..
Although we were supposed to bake brownies and play mj tonight before jax leaving for the cruise, things didn't quite happen that way and needless to say I was pretty upset [see the above rant]. But thanks so much for facing the humiliation and trying to make me feel better [bi atm: less than before] and though you never completed any of those nice long songs, it was quite enjoyable.. but just to tell you, I'm never coming over alone again.. at least not when 'you know who' is there.. o_O scariness.
Just plugged g's speakers in and *oooh* it sounds better than before [thanks]
Time to pack for my little trip .. later days!

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