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for fun, a few friends (catherine, alvin, georgina, jacky) and I decided to hit up a nice sushi restaurant one night earlier this month. As a result, I've permanently expanded my stomach to three times its normal size and its not going back [NOT good news] but it also provided the grounds for our (cath and mine) first ever restaurant review (we'll see how well this goes). I prolly shoulda posted this earlier but it was just for fun (don't read it if you don't have time.. just know that I ate just about everything.. o_O)

REVIEW by cmah
We finally went to Crazy Sushi!

And it was AMAZING. Yes, the prices are a little high, but considering the overall quality of the food, it`s definitely somewhere I`d like to eat at the near future. :) Le Baton Rouge [restaurant #2 on my list] is in the same plaza, as well as some other higher-class [=more money] restaurants. I love that all those restaurants are `tucked away` in Commerce Valley. It gives you a nice feeling when you drive in?ike you?e coming home. and dessert was right across the street so.. well its RIGHT THERE, y`might as well ;)

FOOD: 4.0/5

They started us off with a miso soup [no salad], that ended up being a bit too salty. I think it might have been because they used too much miso, but in any case, it was still decent [chopped up mushrooms slices and green onions were a nice touch], though I`ve had better. I had the Yaki Udon with chicken. It was really good..basically a melody of different vegetables [bean sprouts, carrot slivers, green/white onions, mushrooms, broccoli, cauliflower] all combined together in a sweet, tangy tan-colored sauce. Secondly, I decided to share a California Special Roll with alvin...I knew going in that I would likely end up eating some raw fish, which I`m not a big fan of, mostly because I don`t like the texture too much and I`m not sure my stomach can handle it. =P BUT, I decided to be a little adventurous tonight. ;) [choosing a restaurant called "crazy sushi", its assumed that raw fish will be part of the deal so NO COMPLAINING! :)] The California rolls were made from avocado, cucumber skin, imitation crab, raw salmon, and raw tuna. The salmon I could deal with, the only glitch here was the raw tuna, which tasted Or maybe raw tuna is SUPPOSED to taste that strong? I didn? like it. No ice cream at the end of the meal either [it costs extra] which was another disappointment...but it gave us all an excuse to head to Caffe Demetre. :)

Bee`s additions:
Sweet Potato Tempura | they didn`t have my usual broccoli tempura on its own and georgie wanted this so I decided to give it a try. It was a lot better than I had imagined it to be - crispy [not soggy, so it MUST have been fresh] on the outside, sweet on the inside. The slices were the perfect thickness making it a nice light way to start the meal.

Sushi Pizza | my first thought when I saw it in the menu: this can`t be good.. what the heck is it anyway? But Jacky`s big appetite lead him to ordering this dish. As it turns out, it was slices of raw salmon and raw tuna alternatingly arranged on a deep fried rice cake, cut into 6 pieces. The colours of this dish itself impressed me and is perfect for sharing. However, he couldn`t eat tuna and well, you can`t waste it so someone had to eat it [hence the "perfect for sharing"]. It was quite enjoyable - the tender texture of the raw fish was well complimented by the crispy texture of the rice cake. Interesting combination, creative use of the normal incredients.

California Special Roll | with a little bit of teriyaki sauce drizzled over the rolls for aesthetic purposes, it was nicely presented. As Catherine mentioned previously, these rolls were stuffed with many different ingredients. The flavours blended very well so nothing really stood out [for me..]

Chicken Teriyaki Rolls | I think that`s what it was called.. much like the California Special Rolls, these rolls were bigger than the average ones I`ve seen. It had similar ingredients to the California Rolls but replace the raw fish with teriyaki chicken and some carrots, julienne(sp?). The chicken lacked a bit of flavour but otherwise, it was quite enjoyable. A little tricky to eat as the rolls are pretty wide and tend to fall apart once you bite into it.

Teriyaki Beef | by the time we got this plate, I was relatively full, and I still had food I promised I would eat - ie sushi pizza. The meat was a little tough (guess they don`t do "well done" the same way truffles does it). The beef was grilled and marinated with a teriyaki glaze so the flavour was definately there. Served with stir-fried vegetables (like red and green peppers, cauliflower, broccoli, onions), this plate was also very colourful. The rice was covered in teriyaki sauce which I enjoy. I probably would have preferred the chicken (the other option) but we already had a chicken dish.

Okay, I would like to assure the reader that I ate these dishes in relatively small portions [okay half of everything except the cali rolls which i had one of!]. Normally I`d be beyond full (I had a large bowl of Viet. noodles at lunch and THAT made me really full, I thought my appetite might have decreased a bit... Perhaps the food was that good that I had to eat all of it! Caffe Demetres was a different story: I thought I`d share with Jacky so I`d eat less than one dessert.. maybe half. But we ended up ordering 3.. that`s right three desserts - Fudgement Day on crepe, Tongue Depressor on belgium waffles and a tiramisu ice cream. ALL very very sweet but good. And I had a sip of Georgie`s Nasdacquari which was incredibly strawberry-y, good choice.

SERVICE: 2.8/5

The evening started off well. Our server, Diana would constantly pop by and ask us if everything was alright, if we needed anything, etc. By the end of the meal, we had to ask twice if we could get ourwater glasses refilled. And the wait for the bill was much longer than it should have been, only increasing our dessert appetite


I would come back to this place just so I could fill up my camera with pictures..I LOVED the set-up. The outside is simple, a white building with the words Crazy Sushi scrawled across, which doesn`t scream for attention, but at the same time, catches the eye. As soon as you walk in, you`re bombarded with the fantastic simplicity of this really is amazing.

In particular, a huge red coloured wall with bolded words stands out, which was a nice touch ?the real focal point of the whole room. The restaurant is spread out nicely, so that there is plenty of extra space for people to walk around. It is actually divided into three different sections [I think], with the bar on the left, the dining area in the center [complete with sushi bar], and the right side which is dedicated entirely to the concept of having your food cooked right in front of you. :) If you make reservations [like we did], apparently it means you`re able to sit inside a secluded booth, which was nice, but it means you don`t get to see as much of the restaurant as you might like. For the first time, I wouldn? suggest making reservations. Afterwards, if you like the privacy, book ahead of time. Upon departure :), I noticed the waiting area - a nice relaxed living-room-like space cornered off by the couches with a table in the middle. Magazines were neatly spread across for your reading pleasure. Overall, the interior decor of this restaurant had a very New York-style feel which I am in love with!

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