Ahhh! I'm behind already!
But that's all because of some cold I caught last week which mutated itself into something else. After a while, I had a really hard time breathing so this whole week I've been pretty anti-social because:
1. I couldn't walk and talk at the same time - took too much oxygen
2. I couldn't walk very fast - to minimize oxygen use
3. I could only carry 2 books at a time - this meant walking back and forth b/w classes and my room because more weight would put pressure on my lungs
So yesterday all through my physics lecture, I was debating with myself whether or not I should get it checked out or just wait it out [which is what I would normally do]. Good thing I came to my senses and hauled my butt over to HS because what was supposed to be a quick visit with a nurse turned out to be a 2hr wait in the dr's office to find out GOOD NEWS - I don't have pneumonia [which is what I had suspected] but BAD NEWS - I have an "upper respiratory infection"

BAAAAH!!! okay back to work now :) [the drugs that cost me a fortune are making me feel like a million bucks right now. So I guess it was worth it!]

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