My legs are so shot but it was totally worth it. I got to spend the better part of my day downtown [I LOVE downtown.. *sigh* the alive-ness of it all] with Jacky and Catherine. I got to see their rooms in res [and i'm feeling pretty content about mine right now], fixed it up a bit for Cat so its more like home ;) I love putting IKEA stuff together. It was nice to see them again and just catch up and stuff. I ended up going to one of their calc lectures. It took forever to find the place and Jacky even lugged his laptop there for me to be entertained. But I didn't even make it through the entire session!!! What am I gonna do in loo?? I sat through the first intro part and after the break, I left to Robarts to get some food cos I was starving and I couldn't make it back for the actual lecture. I couldn't make myself go in cos I almost fell asleep during the intro o_O oh boy. After, I ended up carrying a lotta stuff around for them cos 1. Jacky had to go home and I didn't want him to die of a heart attack carrying all his stuff to the subway and 2. Catherine decided she needed to bring like 5 bags home so I volunteered to bring her laundry bag and laptop for her. They're SOOO heavy but I guess we could count this as cardio for the day. Got to go to UofT CCF BBQ today with Catherine and Carol and helped Cat meet people :) It was nice!...

This doesn't happen often but I miss this whole Toronto deal - the people, the city, the life. Its nice to be back this weekend.

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