frosh week
First night Jenny Pang gave me a super crash course on finding my way around the campus [which came in quite handy later on]. I'm slowly meeting new people like a few of the girls from my floor which is alright. I need to work on this, but I'm also getting a chance to catch up with some of my old friends who I haven't spoken with for a while [ie. Tabitha, Hannah...] so its been a nice week so far. I get to see a lotta animals around too [but its not always nice]. I'm loving all the positive energy from the S5 Don - Dalton, amazing person, and the nicest next-door-roomie [we had a really nice chat]. God has definitely been good to me [ask me later]

Due to my super light packing, I managed to leave a lotta things at home which was bad because I didn't have anything and my room was really empty so it lacked coziness. I don't like how the floor SEEMS really dirty so I refuse to walk around in my bare feet. Its been a little harder getting to know ALL the girls from my floor especially since my room is the first on next to the stairs so no one really hangs out around there and it gets really loud at night when people are going back and forth. It was a little harder trying to find my place with a couple of my floormates but it wasn't too horrible. It was really hard carrying my textbooks back from the bookstore because I had a hard time just getting them off the shelf. They were so incredibly heavy, if I fell over I'd prolly stay down for a while but thankfully I didn't. It was like walking with a pile of phonebooks, really heavy phonebooks. One of the worst things is the air - its really dusty and pollen-y so I've been dealing with really bad allergies ever since I got in. Its a really nature-y place so I get to see lotsa animals cept today I looked out the window and saw a bunny. Cept it was dead and kinda ripped open. Sick.

I'm gonna be walking an awful lot this year and I've been doing alright so far. I'm hoping my legs will hold up, mainly my knees and ankles but I think this will be healthy for me. Better than me driving myself around everywhere. I've been able to speak with a few of the girls on my floor just cos I knew the direction to places ;) It gets really chilly when the wind blows though, time to bring in the jackets! Things were pretty boring for me during the night times cos when everyone was in their rooms playing on their computers, I was pretty much sitting there alone. At least I got a chance to read a bit and some of the girls were really nice about letting me use their's. Sucks that my computer is still out there somewhere tho, NO MUSIC SUCKED but someone keeps turning their's up really loud so I listen to their's. Good thing I like their stuff.

I'm not eating well at all. I keep snacking on food in my room. It started with all those bags of cookies that I brought in, but I started off with the "healthy" ones sarah y gave me ;) the OATMEAL chocolate chip cookies ;) then I made this long trek to Sobey's with a couple of my floormates and I picked up some baby carrots which was a healthier choice :) But still, ever since Sunday, I've had 5 real meals and 3 of them were part of frosh events, therefore I HAD to eat.. I gotta get outta this habit and get my lazy butt down there to eat some proper foods! But my dad came in today to pick me up and drop off my new fridge [and air purifier thank goodness] so hopefully I'll be able to have some food handy. Mom got me green tea, yummy!

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