It was nice to see my parents standing at the door when I heard the knock [as opposed to the strangers I'm so used to seeing]. On the way home we stopped by in 'sauga to visit relatives and drop stuff off. We ended up going for dim sum at the same place we always go to.. haha but it was alright cos I had a nice time talking with my cousin. I swear, the last time I had a really nice long conversation with her was when she babysat me soo long ago. Feels good to be with family :)

* * *

I have come to the conclusion that I don't understand this whole gift-giving thing at Christmas time. So until I figure it out, I think its gonna be no gifts for bee. I don't feel its right for me to go and buy gifts for people just because they're gonna get me one because then it isn't really sincere. Sorry boys and girls. Please don't get me anything :)

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