Yesterday was amazing. I think I've forgotten how things go around here - the last-minute plannings that turn into great memories.

after getting my eyes checked and eating lunch with mom, I met up with Cat to get our eyebrows done. we got shoved into this seedy-lookin' room and came up with all these gross ideas.. the after results, on the way home:
"my eyebrows look different"
"that's the idea"
"no, look!"
"are you doing that on purpose?"
"doing what?"
"o_O looking surprised.."
*uh oh*

we went back to my house to pick up jacky's present, sent off my christmas cards sealed with a kiss (Cat thought I was mental) and went to pick up miko. its been what, 4 months since we've seen this dude so i decided we should make this memorable
*presses doorbell*
"let's sound really excited!"

haha. then we went to pick up alvin and a yummy white chocolate cake from Longo's. *delicious* went to jacky's home early, and it was nice to see him after so long :) i missed his humour and the comfortable-ness of him.

at kbbq i think we were the most annoying table ever.. asking for plates of chicken (at least 3), tofu (so many to the point where they would bring multiple plates without being asked), water and tea, fire, bowls of rice, less fire.. haha i definitely missed the way they joke.. apparently my phrase for the night was "sik la" :) my plan to fatten everyone up for the holidays! we had the bday cake brought out and the waiter-dude: priceless. he sang the song all by himself, paused while he checked the name and kept going. HAHAHA

at jacky's we ate more cake and finished the other one he had but!!! it was all worked off when jacky started reminscing. the 5 of us 18-year-olds ended up running around jacky's house playing sardines, night tag, freeze tag and dodgeball!! good thing to know we're close enough to crawl under each other.

and just to end things off, miko decides to start a snow fight while we're trying to uncover our cars.. cut short cos mook had to get home but its not over yet..

thanks guys for tonight!

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