a brighter light on uncertainty

I've been struggling with the issue of uncertainty - uncertainty of the things that will happen this term, uncertainty with what I want to/can do with my future, etc. And this bothers me because I'm somewhat of a control freak. I need to plan everything out and see the plans unravel before me. But obviously that wasn't going to happen here.

But the more I struggled, the more I realized that uncertainty also means that I don't have to do certain things. It means I don't HAVE to go to grad school right away. It means that I don't HAVE to act a certain way around people. It means I'm free to do whatever I want! This reminds me of a conversation I had with the volunteer co-ordinator at KidsAbility. Kat and I were belly-aching about how we were almost done university and how we had no clue what we wanted to do, y'know, the usual schpeel. Anyway, Annie turns to us and she's like "This is the most exciting part of your life! You can do whatever you want! Even at my age, I feel like the possibilities are endless!" And she's so right, the possibilities ARE endless. Now if only I could figure out what possibilities I like...

But anyway, here's a little light of shimmering hope for all you out there who feel like you're stuck in a tiny box with lots of dreams but no way to get out of the box: uncertainty - it's like being out of control but in control at the same time. Embrace it!

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