on the other hand.. uncertainty can be frightening

So I almost had a heart attack just now and I thought I might share it with all of you to add a bit of humour to your day. It was 2:30 and I figure maybe, just maybe, it was time for lunch. So I went downstairs and remembered that my parents had gotten extra Indian food for me.

Sidenote: my parents always go to this little Indian restaurant near the airport called Sweet India. Since they came to pick us up the other day, we stopped by. And I figured, maybe I should give this Indian food thing a try so I asked them to get some extra for me for when I get back to Waterloo. The thing is, I never liked spicy foods so I never ate much of it and I figured now was a good time for a change. Long story short, I'm new to this Indian food thing, my parents are not.

Anyway, so I pulled out some beef curry and bhatura (okay I really like this stuff because it's not spicy and .. it's just friggen good). Then I thought "okay I might as well make some samosas as well". I've never really wanted to try samosas, I don't know why. But my mom gave them to me and I didn't want to let them go to waste, so I pulled those out of the fridge as well.

As I was warming up my bhatura and curry I was examining the bag of samosas and I was trying to decide how many I wanted. I remembered thinking "these samosas are darker than I thought they would be.." but remember. I'm not familiar with samosas and I figured since my mom gave them to me, they must be what she said they were. So I looked a little closer and I saw a little "slice" in one of them and I thought "oh I guess it must just be broken" but I was still uncertain. Then I opened the bag and took a whiff. Then it hit me. This bag wasn't full of samosas. They were full of FRIED FISH HEADS. Oh mi GAAAWSH. In a matter of 2 seconds I closed the bag and threw it back in the fridge.

So mom, if you want your NOT samosas back, you can have them. Next time, please don't rush when you pack food for me. Thanks.


princess jasy said...


OMG that is SO GROSSS!!!!!

*look of horror*

... wow. *shudders* I'm glad i wasn't there or i may have... umm, nevermind. haha

alana said...


(found this blog from your msn name, if you're wondering!)


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