only 10 cents
This is a bit of a rant - I just needed to voice a little bit of opinion. So the other day I bussed back to Toronto and it was pretty early so I decided to take a nice little walk (during morning rush hour - I love the buzz) from Royal York, up to Eaton Centre. And of course, nothing is open yet so the mall is pretty quiet, aside from a few other people wandering around. So Andrew and I decided maybe we should get some breakfast. Besides, we've been up and about since 6am (and I couldn't find the stupid Timmy's near the bus station, might I add, even after wandering around for 10 minutes) - we might as well get something in us while we wait for the mall to open... or... while I wait for the mall to open and he waits for us to go home. Anyway, so I was sitting there, waiting for Andrew to come back and I see this sign (we had McD's). And I was like "really? 10 cents?" And it really bothered me because those Happy Meals cost what? like $5 each? And they're making this big, colourful sign, proudly announcing that they donate 10 cents to the Ronald McDonald Charity House for each Happy Meal they sell. That's 2% of their profit from Happy Meals - it's not even from ALL their meals sold. Seriously, way to help the kids out. And then they go on and ask other people for donations (on their Website). I'm sure they can scrounge up a couple more pennies from between the cushions of those big, luxurious couches they have in those executive offices... seriously. Sometimes, the way these big companies give to charity really bother me


princess jasy said...

huh! wow! i had no idea it was only 10 cents!

... that's pretty depressing.

Andrew said...

yeah they're retarded. maybe someone should go and write "per" in front of all the cent signs. that'll show them. 10 percents.

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