Canada Day Fireworks

June 30, 2007

Technically, these fireworks should be tomorrow since Canada Day is July 1 (I know, don’t worry, all you hardcore patriotics out there). But, up here in Muskoka they decided to have them tonight instead. We got to the beach a little early, and watched them set up all those little sticks of explosives that would eventually blow up in the sky to make bright displays of light and sound. Originally, we had scored these nice Muskoka chairs and had planned to view the works from the comfort of those. But the mosquitoes swarmed around us and we decided maybe it would be better to stand a little closer to the rest of the crowd for better viewing (and to share those mosquitoes with everyone else, aren’t we so generous). Little Guy was so captivated, his eyes fixated on the sky, following the streaks of light dancing in the sky. He kept clapping along with the crowd, and cheering with his awed ‘whoaaah’. We tried to capture this moment with a picture of us with the fireworks in the background but we couldn’t deter Little Guy’s attention. Every single picture had the back of his hooded little head. At least that means he enjoyed it!

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